About Marsha Paragonsingh

Former Miss Jamaica Caribbean 1998 Marsha Paragonsingh is a cheerful and active woman with a multitude of hobbies and interests. Ms. Paragonsingh spends time with her friends whenever she can, particularly on the beaches of her home country, Jamaica. She is also a fan of theater and other forms of live entertainment. Marsha Paragonsingh has traveled extensively throughout Europe, and has developed a particular taste for Italian cuisine. She enjoys reading literature in her downtime, and stays active playing tennis and working out at the gym.

One of Marsha Paragonsingh’s goals for the future is to earn a private pilot’s license. She also hopes to travel the world more extensively, including visits to such places as China, Australia, and India. Ms. Paragonsingh has previously held positions in the service industry as a bank teller and hotel front desk agent, and holds an associate degree in hotel management & hospitality from the Institute of Management Sciences in Kingston, Jamaica. She also earned a distinction in business studies at London’s National Home Study College. A charitable person, Marsha Paragonsingh volunteers regularly at a senior citizens’ home in Kingston, and donates toys to orphanages every Christmas.


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